The Hack That Wreaked Havoc on Hollywood

October 15, 2019

In 2014, Sony Pictures Entertainment was hacked by a group of cyber-criminals who called themselves “The Guardians of Peace”. The hackers stole 100 terabytes of private data from the film studio and leaked it online for the whole world to see. In this episode of The Vault we dive into the cyber attack, the supposed perpetrators, and the aftermath of the massive breach of internal information.


FEMALE_1: Hollywood, the land of dreams where stars are made.

FEMALE_1: But in 2014, for one of the world's largest film studios,

FEMALE_1: it became the land of nightmares.

FEMALE_1: [NOISE] That year, Sony Pictures fell victim

FEMALE_1: to a devastating cyber attack that

FEMALE_1: shook the entertainment industry to its very core.

FEMALE_1: Hackers infiltrated the media colossus and stole

FEMALE_1: 100 terabytes of data from Sony servers.

FEMALE_2: The hackers then plastered

FEMALE_2: this confidential information across

FEMALE_2: the Internet for the world to see.

FEMALE_1: Tinseltown was consumed in the aftermath.

FEMALE_1: Actors were smeared, film premiers canceled,

FEMALE_1: studio heads forced to resign,

FEMALE_1: millions of potential dollars lost,

FEMALE_1: and a foreign state implicated the supposed reason for

FEMALE_1: all this drama in

FEMALE_1: outlandish comedy flick starring

FEMALE_1: Seth Rogen and James Franco,

FEMALE_1: where they tried to assassinate Kim Jong Un.

FEMALE_2: This could be a movie, don't you think?

FEMALE_2: Hey everyone, I'm Sylvie and welcome to The Vault.

FEMALE_2: Today, we are looking into the hacking of Sony Pictures

FEMALE_2: by a group who call themselves the Guardians of Peace,

FEMALE_2: or GOP for short.

FEMALE_1: The hack temporarily paralyzed the film studio and would

FEMALE_1: cost well over $15 million deal with the aftermath.

FEMALE_2: On top of that, the FBI

FEMALE_2: thinks the perpetrators are still out

FEMALE_2: there and may have been behind plenty of

FEMALE_2: other major cyber attacks in the years since.

FEMALE_2: To truly understand the scope of the Sony hack,

FEMALE_2: we have to break it down day by day.

FEMALE_1: On the morning of November 24th, 2014,

FEMALE_1: just days before the offices of

FEMALE_1: Sony Pictures would empty

FEMALE_1: out for the Thanksgiving holiday,

FEMALE_1: employees of the media giant are greeted by

FEMALE_1: something sinister when they boot up their computers.

FEMALE_1: Rather than their typical desktop displays,

FEMALE_1: thousands of screens at the Sony offices in Los Angeles

FEMALE_1: instead present a ghoulish red skeleton

FEMALE_1: with an ominous message.

UNKNOWN_1: Hacked by GOP.

UNKNOWN_1: We've already warned you,

UNKNOWN_1: and this is just the beginning.

UNKNOWN_1: We continue till our request be met.

UNKNOWN_1: We've obtained all your internal data

UNKNOWN_1: including your secrets and top secrets.

UNKNOWN_1: If you don't obey us,

UNKNOWN_1: we'll release data shown below to the world.

UNKNOWN_1: Determine what you will do till November

UNKNOWN_1: the 24th, 11:00 p.m.

FEMALE_2: Listed beneath are five links.

FEMALE_2: When clicked, these links open

FEMALE_2: a massive directory containing

FEMALE_2: hundreds of thousands of files

FEMALE_2: stolen from the Sony Picture servers.

FEMALE_2: Within these files, is

FEMALE_2: priceless information

FEMALE_2: regarding the inner workings of the studio,

FEMALE_2: and what's surprising to learn,

FEMALE_2: is that Sony executives had evidence

FEMALE_2: of a data breach three days prior.

FEMALE_1: The week before on Friday, November 21st, 2014,

FEMALE_1: several high ranking Sony Picture executives

FEMALE_1: including Co-chair Amy Pascal and CEO Michael Lynton,

FEMALE_1: received an e-mail from an account

FEMALE_1: using the name, Frank David.

UNKNOWN_1: Notice to Sony Pictures Entertainment

UNKNOWN_1: Inc. We've got great damage by Sony Pictures.

UNKNOWN_1: The compensation for it,

UNKNOWN_1: monetary compensations we want.

UNKNOWN_1: Pay the damage, or

UNKNOWN_1: Sony Pictures will be bombarded as a whole.

UNKNOWN_1: You know us very well.

UNKNOWN_1: We never wait long.

UNKNOWN_1: You'd better behave wisely.

UNKNOWN_1: From the apostles of God.

FEMALE_1: It has been reported that none of

FEMALE_1: the executives saw these messages.

FEMALE_1: The e-mails were apparently lost in

FEMALE_1: their inboxes or went directly to spam.

FEMALE_1: All was calm at Sony Pictures

FEMALE_1: and work led out for the weekend as normal.

FEMALE_2: When Pascal, Lynton, and Sony

FEMALE_2: employees returned to work on Monday the 24th,

FEMALE_2: the skeletons leap out of the closet.

FEMALE_1: After booting up their devices and being

FEMALE_1: greeted by the menacing red skull,

FEMALE_1: all computers on the Sony network are

FEMALE_1: instantly bricked, frozen, kaput.

FEMALE_2: Executives quickly order Sony employees worldwide

FEMALE_2: to shut down their systems in

FEMALE_2: an attempt to contain the intrusion.

FEMALE_1: Close to 8000 computers are lost.

Speaker 2: [MUSIC] Twenty one Twitter accounts registered to

Speaker 2: Sony Pictures are also compromised by the hackers,

Speaker 2: who stripped the pages of their content.

Speaker 2: Messages from the GOP instead fill the pages.

Speaker 2: Some of the posts indicate

Speaker 2: the GOP stands for Guardians of Peace.

Speaker 2: Accompanying the posts are images featuring

Speaker 2: grotesquely photo shopped heads of

Speaker 2: Michael Lynton and Amy Pascal.

Speaker 3: The next day on November 25th a spokeswoman for

Speaker 3: Sony Pictures e-mails a

Speaker 3: statement downplaying the severity

Speaker 3: of the incident stating,

Speaker 3: "We are investigating an IT matter."

Speaker 3: November 26 2014, the hackers

Speaker 3: sent a new e-mail to

Speaker 3: four senior members of Sony Pictures,

Speaker 3: including Pascal and Lynton.

Speaker 5: We will punish you completely.

Speaker 5: I am ApostlesofGod, the boss of GOP.

Speaker 5: We began to release data because

Speaker 5: Sony Pictures refused our demand.

Speaker 5: Sony Pictures will come to know

Speaker 5: what the cost of your decision.

Speaker 5: We will make Sony Pictures deleted on

Speaker 5: the list of the Hollywood big stage six majors.

Speaker 5: You are to collapse surely.

Speaker 5: Damn to gruel and reckless Sony Pictures!

Speaker 5: From the Apostles of God.

Speaker 2: About an hour later,

Speaker 2: the GOP sends a second e-mail to Sony personnel.

Speaker 5: To pay the monetary compensation for

Speaker 5: the damage we got and there was no answer.

Speaker 5: So we hacked to paralyze the networks of

Speaker 5: Sony Pictures warning of the releasing

Speaker 5: all of the data unless our demands met.

Speaker 5: All of the data will soon be

Speaker 5: released including private data,

Speaker 5: and that may had made

Speaker 5: a firm determination to collapse Sony Pictures.

Speaker 5: Damn to gruel and reckless Sony Pictures.

Speaker 5: The Apostles of God.

Speaker 2: And yet it appears no action

Speaker 2: is taken by Sony Pictures at this time.

Speaker 2: November 27th 2014, the GOP dump's

Speaker 2: five unreleased Sony films

Speaker 2: onto file sharing sites around the Web.

Speaker 2: A week later, some of the films have been

Speaker 2: downloaded close to 1 million times.

Speaker 3: November 28th 2014.

Speaker 3: News reports claimed via internal sources

Speaker 3: that Sony is looking into a link between North Korea,

Speaker 3: the hack, and the Sony Pictures film, The Interview.

Speaker 3: The film is a comedy starring

Speaker 3: Seth Rogen and James Franco,

Speaker 3: and the plot follows the duo as they try to

Speaker 3: assassinate North Korea's leader, Kim Jong Un.

Speaker 3: This is the first time

Speaker 3: a potential motive and suspects are hypothesized.

Speaker 2: Months prior in June,

Speaker 2: North Korean representatives put out

Speaker 2: two official statements condemning the film.

Speaker 3: The first in an interview with the UK Daily Telegraph.

Speaker 3: Claiming the film shows the desperation

Speaker 3: of the US Government and American society.

Speaker 2: The second complaint came through the United Nations,

Speaker 2: and the letter stated that the interview-

Speaker 3: Should be regarded as

Speaker 3: the most undisguised sponsoring of

Speaker 3: terrorism as well as an act of war,

Speaker 3: and that United States authorities should take

Speaker 3: immediate and appropriate action to ban

Speaker 3: the production and distribution

Speaker 3: of the aforementioned film;

Speaker 3: otherwise, it will be fully responsible

Speaker 3: for encouraging and sponsoring terrorism.

Speaker 3: December 1st 2014,

Speaker 3: the GOP releases the salaries of 17 Sony executives,

Speaker 3: and 6,000 other employees

Speaker 3: onto the file sharing site Pastebin.

Speaker 3: The media has a field day reporting extensively

Speaker 3: on the grandiose salaries of

Speaker 3: the media conglomerate head honchos.

Speaker 3: The FBI opens

Speaker 3: its official investigation into the Sony hack,

Speaker 3: and find the official site of the GOP,

Speaker 3: which is a Facebook group.

Speaker 3: The next day Amy Pascal and Michael Lynton release

Speaker 3: a company-wide memo claiming they're working

Speaker 3: with the FBI to get to the bottom of the hack.

Speaker 2: The paychecks of Seth Rogen and

Speaker 2: James Franco for The Interview are also leaked online.

Speaker 2: And if you can't guess already, it's a lot.

Speaker 3: December 3rd 2014,

Speaker 3: while sifting through one of the data dumps,

Speaker 3: journalists at Gawker find

Speaker 3: a treasure trove of employee complaints

Speaker 3: about Sony Pictures.

Speaker 3: Many of the disgruntled employees slammed the company.

Speaker 3: The films they produce [NOISE],

Speaker 3: and the actors they employ.

FEMALE_3: Personal information about

FEMALE_3: Sylvester Stallone, Judd Apatow,

FEMALE_3: and about 47,000 Sony employees is

FEMALE_3: now circulating on Torrent sites all over the Internet.

FEMALE_3: The leaked information includes addresses, phone numbers,

FEMALE_3: social security numbers, health and credit records,

FEMALE_3: and much much more.

FEMALE_3: December 5th, 2014, a fourth e-mail from

FEMALE_3: the GOP arrives in the inboxes of Sony picture employees.

UNKNOWN_2: I am the head of GOP who made you worry.

UNKNOWN_2: Removing Sony Pictures on earth is

UNKNOWN_2: a very tiny word for our group

UNKNOWN_2: which is a worldwide organization.

UNKNOWN_2: And what we have done so far is

UNKNOWN_2: only a small part of our further plan.

UNKNOWN_2: Many things beyond imagination will

UNKNOWN_2: happen at many places of the world.

UNKNOWN_2: Our agents find themselves act in necessary places.

UNKNOWN_2: Please sign your name to object the false of the company

UNKNOWN_2: at the e-mail address below

UNKNOWN_2: if you don't want to suffer damage.

UNKNOWN_2: If you don't, not only you

UNKNOWN_2: but your family will be in danger.

UNKNOWN_2: If you want to prevent us,

UNKNOWN_2: make your company behave wisely.

FEMALE_3: At the same time, a new data dump is

FEMALE_3: released onto multiple file sharing sites.

FEMALE_3: December 7th, 2014,

FEMALE_3: North Korea's National Defense Commission

FEMALE_3: releases a statement denying any involvement in the hack,

FEMALE_3: but commend the hackers for their efforts.

FEMALE_3: The hacking into the Sony Pictures

FEMALE_3: might be a righteous deed of the supporters

FEMALE_3: and sympathizers with the DPRK in response to its appeal.

FEMALE_3: The righteous reaction will get

FEMALE_3: stronger to smash the evil doings.

FEMALE_3: December 8th, 2014,

FEMALE_3: a new message from the GOP arrives on GitHub.

FEMALE_3: The message is directed at Sony and

FEMALE_3: makes demands about their movie of terrorism.

UNKNOWN_2: Gift of GOP for a fourth day: Their privacy,

UNKNOWN_2: by GOP, we are the GOP working all over the world.

UNKNOWN_2: Message to Sony, we have already given

UNKNOWN_2: our clear demand to the management team on Sony.

UNKNOWN_2: However, they have refused to accept.

UNKNOWN_2: Stop immediately showing the movie of terrorism

UNKNOWN_2: which can break the regional peace and cause the war.

UNKNOWN_2: You, Sony and FBI, cannot find us.

UNKNOWN_2: We are perfect as much.

UNKNOWN_2: The destiny of Sony is totally up

UNKNOWN_2: to the wise reaction and measure of Sony.

UNKNOWN_2: Their privacy.

FEMALE_3: The post also lists a password and

FEMALE_3: 20 different links to more stolen Sony data.

FEMALE_3: That day, Sony Pictures CEO, Michael Lynton,

FEMALE_3: releases a new internal memo to

FEMALE_3: try and quell worries from the Sony employees.

FEMALE_3: And that night, the hackers dump a list of

FEMALE_3: aliases used by various celebrities onto the web.

FEMALE_3: December 9th, 10th, and 11th,

FEMALE_3: the hackers released the full e-mail inboxes of

FEMALE_3: Amy Pascal and Steve Moscow online.

FEMALE_3: The inboxes contain multiple gigabytes of

FEMALE_3: e-mail exchanges related to

FEMALE_3: business and personal matters.

FEMALE_3: The most recent set of e-mails are from November 22nd,

FEMALE_3: two days before the outright hack occurred.

FEMALE_3: The press goes absolutely

FEMALE_3: bonkers with the leaked e-mail inboxes.

FEMALE_3: Unscrupulous exchanges between Amy Pascal

FEMALE_3: and high powered movie producer

FEMALE_3: Scott Rudin are unearthed and

FEMALE_3: published pretty much everywhere imaginable.

FEMALE_3: In the e-mails, the Sony executives slam actors,

FEMALE_3: threaten each other, and say

FEMALE_3: racist remarks about then President Obama.

FEMALE_3: The next day, Amy Pascal and Scott Rudin

FEMALE_3: make public apologies for their unsavory remarks,

FEMALE_3: and the interview has

FEMALE_3: its Los Angeles premiere among tight security detail.

FEMALE_3: December 13th and 14th,

FEMALE_3: the hackers released a seventh data dump onto pastebin.

FEMALE_3: Nothing overly salacious this time,

FEMALE_3: but a message is attached.

UNKNOWN_2: We are preparing for you a Christmas gift.

UNKNOWN_2: The gift will be larger quantities of data.

UNKNOWN_2: And it will be more interesting.

UNKNOWN_2: The gift will surely give you much more pleasure

UNKNOWN_2: and put Sony Pictures into the worst state.

FEMALE_3: The next day, the press publish

FEMALE_3: an early draft of the James Bond film,

FEMALE_3: Spectre, which they find in a previous data dump.

FEMALE_3: December 16th, 2014, the so-called Guardians of Peace,

FEMALE_3: post a new message to Pastebin.

FEMALE_3: This is the first time the hacker group

FEMALE_3: explicitly mentions the interview.

FEMALE_3: The message threatens retaliation on theaters,

FEMALE_3: which plan on screening the film and

FEMALE_3: moviegoers who plan to attend.

UNKNOWN_2: By GOP notice, we have

UNKNOWN_2: already promised a Christmas gift to you.

UNKNOWN_2: Warning we will clearly show it to you at

UNKNOWN_2: a very time and places "The interview" be shown,

UNKNOWN_2: including the premiere, how

UNKNOWN_2: bitter faith those who seek

UNKNOWN_2: fun in terror should be doomed to.

UNKNOWN_2: The world will be full of fear.

UNKNOWN_2: Remember the 11th of September 2001,

UNKNOWN_2: whatever comes in the coming days is caused

UNKNOWN_2: by the greed of Sony Pictures Entertainment.

UNKNOWN_2: All the world will denounce the Sony.

FEMALE_3: In light of these threats, Sony pulls the interview

FEMALE_3: from theaters and cancels

FEMALE_3: the film's Christmas day release.

FEMALE_3: They also begin to remove billboard advertising

FEMALE_3: across the country and

FEMALE_3: suspend all TV promotion for the film.

MALE_1: This a fun, look at him.

MALE_1: If that a real story, what is?

MALE_2: Okay, let's do it. [NOISE]

MALE_3: I heard her parents were diplomats.

FEMALE_4: December 19th, 2014,

FEMALE_4: the GOP reportedly contact Sony Pictures via e-mail.

FEMALE_4: They state that pulling The Interview was very wise.

FEMALE_4: The e-mail mentions that the leaks will

FEMALE_4: stop if Sony meets the rest of their demands.

MALE_4: No, we want to never let the movie released, distributed,

MALE_4: or leaked in any form,

MALE_4: for instance, DVD or piracy.

MALE_4: And we want everything related to the movie,

MALE_4: including its trailer, as well as its full

MALE_4: version down from any website, hosting them immediately.

FEMALE_4: The FBI releases a statement

FEMALE_4: officially tying the hack to North Korea.

FEMALE_4: December 21st, 2014, North Korea claims that

FEMALE_4: the Obama administration was

FEMALE_4: heavily involved in the production of The Interview.

FEMALE_4: [LAUGHTER] They state that the film's plot was

FEMALE_4: clear evidence of US government involvement.

FEMALE_4: In the statement, North Korea threatens

FEMALE_4: retaliation if the film is ever released.

FEMALE_5: The next day, North Korea's Internet

FEMALE_5: goes out for over 10 hours.

FEMALE_5: Many news organizations report they

FEMALE_5: suspect the US is behind the outages.

FEMALE_5: December 23rd and 24th,

FEMALE_5: Sony Pictures releases a statement via the press,

FEMALE_5: claiming The Interview will

FEMALE_5: show in some theaters on Christmas Day.

FEMALE_5: And reveal,,

FEMALE_5: where the film can be purchased via digital platforms.

FEMALE_5: December 25th, 2014, the film is

FEMALE_5: released online and in about 200 theaters in the US,

FEMALE_5: nothing happens on part of the GOP or North Korea.

FEMALE_5: The Interview goes on to net

FEMALE_5: $18 million through digital downloads.

FEMALE_5: Two months later, in February of 2015,

FEMALE_5: Amy Pascal is forced to step down

FEMALE_5: from her role as co-chair of Sony Pictures.

FEMALE_5: She cites the cyberattack as

FEMALE_5: the main reason for her departure.

FEMALE_5: That month, Sony disclosed they set aside $15 million

FEMALE_5: to deal with the fallout from

FEMALE_5: the cyberattack and revamp their computer systems.


FEMALE_5: So how exactly did the Sony hack occur,

FEMALE_5: and what real evidence is there to implicate North Korea?

FEMALE_5: Well, lucky for us,

FEMALE_5: their digital fingerprints are all over this one.

FEMALE_5: In 2018, following a four-year investigation,

FEMALE_5: the FBI released a 200-page affidavit,

FEMALE_5: which paints the pictures of the hacker's methodology,

FEMALE_5: and their ties to North Korea.

FEMALE_5: While the outright hack of

FEMALE_5: Sony Pictures happened in November,

FEMALE_5: evidence suggests that infiltration took

FEMALE_5: place a few months prior in September of that year.

FEMALE_5: [MUSIC] Spear phishing is

FEMALE_5: a common tactic where hackers send fraudulent messages to

FEMALE_5: victims in an attempt to make them

FEMALE_5: follow a link or download a file.

FEMALE_5: Spear phishing messages are

FEMALE_5: targeted and designed to look legitimate.

FEMALE_5: The hackers needed access to the Sony servers,

FEMALE_5: and the FBI point to phishing e-mails

FEMALE_5: aimed at executives and employees as the gateway.

FEMALE_5: In September of 2014,

FEMALE_5: Sony was receiving a lot of

FEMALE_5: phishing e-mails from a multitude of different accounts.

FEMALE_5: While the messages themselves took different forms,

FEMALE_5: many of the accounts which sent the e-mails were

FEMALE_5: registered under a common alias, Kim Hyun Woo.

FEMALE_5: These accounts were also often

FEMALE_5: accessed via the same group of IP addresses.

FEMALE_5: One of these fraudulent e-mails

FEMALE_5: managed to dupe a Sony employee.

FEMALE_5: And that simple mistake,

FEMALE_5: enabled the GOP to wiggle

FEMALE_5: their way into the Sony network.


Female 1: [MUSIC] Extraction begins the moment

Female 1: a victim clicks a link found within the fishing message,

Female 1: because more often than not, when opened,

Female 1: these links contain a dangerous piece

Female 1: of software known as malware.

Female 1: Malware is a malicious computer software

Female 1: that causes a victim computer to behave in

Female 1: a manner inconsistent with the intention of

Female 1: the owner or user of the victim computer.

Female 1: In the case of the Sony hack,

Female 1: a rare type of malware was used known as wiper malware.

Female 2: Wiper Malware is used to infiltrate a network,

Female 2: download all data stored on that network,

Female 2: and discreetly send that stolen data to

Female 2: an email address hard coded into the software.

Female 2: Once that process is complete,

Female 2: the malware is set to wipe itself

Female 2: and everything off of the infected network.

Female 2: This is what happened to Sony.

Female 1: But when the FBI digital forensics team

Female 1: analyzed the malware used in the attack,

Female 1: more traces of the perpetrators were found.

Female 1: Some of the email accounts coded into the malware were

Female 1: registered to the familiar alias Kim Hyon Woo,

Female 1: and were accessed via the same IP

Female 1: addresses that appeared in September 2014.

Female 1: These IP addresses are

Female 1: the true smoking gun because as it turns out,

Female 1: they're all assigned to a company located in North Korea.

Female 1: Though the FBI has identified

Female 1: strong connections to North Korea in the Sony hack,

Female 1: they've only been able to identify one of

Female 1: the potential actors, Park Jin Hyok.

Female 1: Park is a North Korean citizen,

Female 1: and works as a programmer for

Female 1: a company named Chosun Expo.

Female 1: On the surface, the company runs

Female 1: a legitimate North Korean lottery and e-commerce Website.

Female 1: Beneath that, the FBI calls

Female 1: Chosun Expo a front

Female 1: company for the North Korean government,

Female 1: which generates currency for

Female 1: a hacking organization known as LAB 110.

Female 1: The theory is that the GOP are

Female 1: actually employees of Chosun Expo,

Female 1: who work as agents of Lab 110.

Female 1: The FBI also ties Lab 110 to a number of

Female 1: other major cyber-attacks spanning from 2009-2017.

Female 1: Hyok began working for Chosun Expo in 2002,

Female 1: and has created multiple email accounts

Female 1: to carry out his duties.

Female 1: In their investigation, the FBI discovers

Female 1: some pretty clear connections

Female 1: between Park's work accounts,

Female 1: and the accounts used in the Sony hack.

Female 1: The FBI found that Park's work email frequently

Female 1: had correspondence with the email

Female 1: accounts registered to Kim Woo,

Female 1: and Park regularly access his work email via

Female 1: the same North Korean IP addresses

Female 1: as those which appeared during the Sony hack.

Female 1: The FBI suggests that Park was using

Female 1: his work accounts to test phishing emails,

Female 1: and the wiper malware as he developed it.

Female 1: But because of the gigantic scope of the attack,

Female 1: he could not have acted alone.

Female 1: The FBI states that there is a large number of

Female 1: other unnamed co-conspirators

Female 1: currently under investigation,

Female 1: who have similar ties to North Korea and Chosun Expo.

Female 1: The co-conspirators in Park supposedly

Female 1: worked in tandem on the creation of the wiper malware,

Female 1: and distribution of the phishing e-mails that

Female 1: would shake Sony in 2014.

Female 1: The Sony hack ushered in

Female 1: a new era of understanding cybercrime.

Female 1: Never before had a commercial entity

Female 1: fallen victim to an attack of this scale,

Female 1: and the unprecedented media coverage caused

Female 1: industries all over the world to look inward,

Female 1: and re-evaluate how they secure their data.

Female 1: In 2017, a coalition of

Female 1: private web security companies published

Female 1: a report which they named "Operation Blockbuster."

Female 1: The report is incredibly detailed and

Female 1: outlines similar evidence as presented by the FBI,

Female 1: but they never directly

Female 1: implicate North Korea in the attack.

Female 1: Instead of trying to name potential suspects,

Female 1: Operation Blockbuster focuses on

Female 1: understanding the methods employed by the hackers,

Female 1: and works on developing strategies for

Female 1: preventing similar attacks in the future.

Female 1: Both Operation Blockbuster and

Female 1: the FBI affidavit are free to download online,

Female 1: and worth checking out if you have an interest in

Female 1: the greater nuances and details of this crime,

Female 1: and others carried out by GOP,

Female 1: and after all these years,

Female 1: the threads of the Sony hack may

Female 1: seem closer than ever to being untangled.

Female 2: But the reality is the individuals

Female 2: behind this wild cyber heist are still out there,

Female 2: and who knows what they'll cook up next?

Male 1: You know what's more destructive than

Male 1: a nuclear bomb? Words.

Male 2: Yeah, tell me about it.

Male 1: Jordan. [MUSIC]