Olivia Munn Honored for Speaking Out, Takes Part in Credit Card Launch

October 19, 2018

Olivia Munn participated in the launch of the Starwood Preferred Guest American Express Luxury Credit Card. The actress joins Cheddar to discuss the benefits of the card as well as being honored for speaking out, calling out Kanye, and X-Men.


NORA ALI: Olivia, great to be talking to you today.

NORA ALI: We're at this luxury house event.

NORA ALI: What do you hope customers get away from this event?

OLIVIA MUNN: I hope that they, um, they,

OLIVIA MUNN: they get to see how many more, um,

OLIVIA MUNN: points back you get when you're using

OLIVIA MUNN: the SPG card from AMEX.

OLIVIA MUNN: I mean- the whole thing that I've

OLIVIA MUNN: always loved about AMEX is that I'm like

OLIVIA MUNN: way back in the day when I first started

OLIVIA MUNN: making a little bit of money, remember I,

OLIVIA MUNN: I got my AMEX card and, um,

OLIVIA MUNN: I felt like it was the first time I

OLIVIA MUNN: really start to understand,

OLIVIA MUNN: like money more, and like how to save it,

OLIVIA MUNN: and how to make your money- make money, you know.

OLIVIA MUNN: Um, and, and this,

OLIVIA MUNN: this new card is amazing because,

OLIVIA MUNN: you know, wi- it's a luxury card.

OLIVIA MUNN: So, people who travel a lot,

OLIVIA MUNN: people have to spend a lot of money for, you know,

OLIVIA MUNN: your work and, and, and life.

OLIVIA MUNN: Um, you get all these amazing

OLIVIA MUNN: kickbacks and all your points,

OLIVIA MUNN: you know, there's six times the points on, um,

OLIVIA MUNN: on certain hotels and three times

OLIVIA MUNN: on certain restaurants, and, you know, I,

OLIVIA MUNN: I actually need all those points because, um,

OLIVIA MUNN: I've a big Asian family that

OLIVIA MUNN: expects me to pay for all their travel.

OLIVIA MUNN: [LAUGHTER] So, actually I need-

NORA ALI: Yes, I know how that is.

OLIVIA MUNN: You- ri- I, I know it's

OLIVIA MUNN: like- it's something with like when you are- when

OLIVIA MUNN: you are an Asian family it's like

OLIVIA MUNN: there's this point where I remember my,

OLIVIA MUNN: my uncle- who's a wealthy doctor

OLIVIA MUNN: would always pay for, you know,

OLIVIA MUNN: everybody to go to dinner and then one day

OLIVIA MUNN: my mom stops and we

OLIVIA MUNN: went to go pick up the check

OLIVIA MUNN: and she just stops because no,

OLIVIA MUNN: no, she pays now.

NORA ALI: So, you're certainly staying very busy.


NORA ALI: This weekend you were honored at

NORA ALI: the Girl Honors Awards, uh,

NORA ALI: which is very cool for calling out

NORA ALI: the casting of this known

NORA ALI: sexual offender on the predator.

NORA ALI: What was that award like for you?

Speaker 5: You know, it was, um, it was incredibly humbling,

Speaker 5: you know, to get an award from, you know,

Speaker 5: an organization like United Nations,

Speaker 5: um, is, is an incredible honor, um,

Speaker 5: and it was really- it

Speaker 5: was just really reassuring, you know,

Speaker 5: and made me feel really hopeful for

Speaker 5: the future because when you're speaking out, um,

Speaker 5: on things like this usually you kind of

Speaker 5: anticipated a negative blowback,

Speaker 5: you're kind of waiting for that.

Speaker 5: But, um, but now,

Speaker 5: um, you know, especially when it happened immediately,

Speaker 5: there was this amazing amount

Speaker 5: of support and outrage from social media,

Speaker 5: blogs, news, everyone, and,

Speaker 5: and for it to culminate to the point where

Speaker 5: the Jane Doe herself feels safe

Speaker 5: enough and strong enough to put out a statement and get

Speaker 5: out from behind the Jane Doe title

Speaker 5: was, was truly amazing.

Speaker 5: So, an award like this from, you know,

Speaker 5: the United Nations and Girl Awards is

Speaker 5: some- just made me feel really hopeful for our future.

NORA ALI: So, speaking of powerful women you've obviously

NORA ALI: played Psylocke in X-Men.

NORA ALI: Do you think there'll ever be a

NORA ALI: standalone solo film her Psylocke?

OLIVIA MUNN: A lot of it has to depend on a lot of factors, you know,

OLIVIA MUNN: coming into play and I think

OLIVIA MUNN: Fox is being bought by Disney

OLIVIA MUNN: now and then they would own all the X-Men, you know,

OLIVIA MUNN: the whole X-Men universe,

OLIVIA MUNN: um, you know, there's a lot of factors that,

OLIVIA MUNN: that, that come into play.

NORA ALI: So, recently you called out Kanye West on


NORA ALI: easy products being made in China-


NORA ALI: -after he said we're cheating our country,

NORA ALI: products are being made in China,

NORA ALI: what do you think about his trip to

NORA ALI: the White House and his involvement in politics lately.


OLIVIA MUNN: my friend's boyfriend came home with a pair of

OLIVIA MUNN: Yeezys and I was like can I see those really quick?

OLIVIA MUNN: So, I've never owned Yeezys

OLIVIA MUNN: and because they're made in China.

OLIVIA MUNN: And then, I did hear some people go, well,

OLIVIA MUNN: its- its Adidas you know,

OLIVIA MUNN: it's Adidas makes them in, in China.

OLIVIA MUNN: But, when you are as, um,

OLIVIA MUNN: famous and powerful as Kanye West is,

OLIVIA MUNN: you can say, um.

MUNN: I'm not gonna be doing this product with you Adidas,

MUNN: unless you make them in America.

MUNN: You can say certain things,

MUNN: you can put your foot down.

MUNN: I put my foot down on things and I'm not near as,

MUNN: you know, influential and powerful as, as he is.

MUNN: So, um, I thought it

MUNN: was just really surprising, you know,

MUNN: that someone would stand on

MUNN: such a public platform and, um,

MUNN: you know, and say something that is a complete um,

MUNN: contradiction to, you know,

MUNN: the on products that they put out.

MUNN: Also, you know, they make them in China,

MUNN: so they can, um, you know,

MUNN: save a lot more of money on them.

MUNN: But Yeezy are so overpriced [LAUGHTER].

MUNN: You can make them in America and still make,

MUNN: you know, a good amount of money on them.

ALI: Right. So, a lot of conversations

ALI: around streaming platforms lately you've obviously-

MUNN: Mm-hmm.

ALI: -been a lot of shows and movies on different platforms.

ALI: How would you prefer to consume content?

ALI: Do you binge watch or do you

ALI: like to wait for episodes to come out?

MUNN: I obviously binge watch.

MUNN: I mean, I don't know who wants to wait.

MUNN: Who wants to wait?

ALI: For the suspense. Many can speculate [NOISE]

ALI: as to what's gonna happen,

ALI: come up with their own [OVERLAPPING].

MUNN: You, do you want that?

MUNN: Is it you wanna wait? I mean, who.

ALI: You're right.

MUNN: Who's waiting on? Nobody wants to wait on.

MUNN: However, um, I love watching, um,

MUNN: content and like binge watching in and- and,

MUNN: you know, searching around on

MUNN: all the different platforms.

MUNN: But, um, I do really love watching live TV.

MUNN: I mean, I, I have, um, you know,

MUNN: my cable service at home and

MUNN: I go to my friends house and they don't have it.

MUNN: It's frustrating, because you

MUNN: actually- it forces you to have to go and

MUNN: look and search for something to watch and invest in it,

MUNN: instead of just kind of scrolling

MUNN: around and- and looking at,

MUNN: you know, things on, on TV.

MUNN: But there are, you know, other things like when you

MUNN: want to watch sports and stuff like that,

MUNN: you know, um, you know,

MUNN: you don't really need, um,

MUNN: cable anymore or your regular TV.

MUNN: I mean, places like Snapchat are

MUNN: doing amazing things by bringing in,

MUNN: you know, the NFL and MLB and

MUNN: NBA and the Olympics and stuff like that.

MUNN: So, um, I just like to, I like to binge watch,

MUNN: but at the same time I like, you know,

MUNN: to just be able to kind of

MUNN: scroll around and have things pop up.

ALI: So, you are the best Olivia,

ALI: but obviously there's [LAUGHTER] other Olivias out there.

ALI: We're gonna play a quick game.

MUNN: Right.

ALI: It's called, "Which Olivia."

MUNN: Oh, I love it.

ALI: Okay. Here we go. First one,

ALI: which famous Olivia's mom is running for Congress?

MUNN: Olivia Wilde.

ALI: So, which Olivia took Ryan Murphy to

ALI: the Supreme Court over his prime-time show Feud?

MUNN: Is this is a real one?

ALI: This is a real one. A real Olivia.

MUNN: A real Olivia.

ALI: She's a leader.

MUNN: Olivia de Havilland?

ALI: Yes. Oh my gosh, good job.

MUNN: Right.

ALI: Okay. Which Olivia nearly caused

ALI: a market meltdown when she

ALI: visited Cheddar at the Stock Exchange?

ALI: She also plays the cello, if that helps.

MUNN: Olivia Culpo.

ALI: Yes.

MUNN: Yes, I know her.

ALI: Now you're three for three. Okay. Which Olivia

ALI: plays Queen Elizabeth in the crown?

MUNN: Um, uh, I don't know Olivia. I don't know her last.

ALI: Maybe Colman.

MUNN: Olivia Colman.

ALI: You can picture her though I'm sure.

MUNN: I can picture her, yes.

ALI: Okay, last one.

MUNN: [inaudible 00:05:52] has Eliza- Queen Elizabeth.

ALI: Uh, yes, exactly. So, which famous Olivia has been

ALI: a guest judge on RuPaul's Drag Race?

MUNN: Oh, I've been trying to a-

MUNN: get me on I mean we've been trying to book

MUNN: me on because I've been asking them as we I

MUNN: love that show but I've been too busy.

MUNN: Um, so it's definitely not me.

MUNN: [LAUGHTER] It's got to be Olivia.

MUNN: did you- It is a new- it is oliv-

MUNN: a new Olivia or have you already.

ALI: We haven't covered this Olivia yet.

ALI: Give you a hint. Priest

MUNN: Newton John.

ALI: Yes. Yes. [NOISE]

MUNN: Amazing.

ALI: Will count that five for five.

MUNN: All right.

ALI: [inaudible 00:06:22] Olivia, thank you so much.

MUNN: Appreciate. Nice meeting.