Need 2 Know: New Wildfire, Amazon Backlash

November 14, 2018

These are the headlines you Need 2 Know.

  • Wildfires Latest: Thousands of firefighters continue to battle wildfires in California that have killed at least 50 people with many others still missing. The new Sierra Fire is threatening homes and the massive Camp Fire, responsible for 48 of the 50 statewide deaths, is still less than 50 percent contained. Read more here.

  • Wildfires By The Numbers: More than 8,800 structures have been destroyed by the Camp Fire alone, including 7,600 homes. The fire has burned 130,000 acres. The Woolsey Fire in the south has destroyed 370 buildings and has burned over 97,000 acres. The Hill Fire has burned more than 4,500 acres. Read more here.

  • CNN vs. The White House: CNN is suing the White House after correspondent Jim Acosta’s credentials were revoked. A federal hearing will be held today. CNN says the White House has violated the right to free speech while the Trump administration says it will “vigorously defend” against the lawsuit. Read more here.

  • First Lady Feud: First Lady Melania Trump took the unusual step of calling for the ouster of Deputy National Security Adviser Mira Ricardel amid reports that Ricardel berated staff, spread rumors and sought to undermine Defense Secretary Jim Mattis. Meanwhile, President Trump has reportedly decided to replace Homeland Security Sec. Kirstjen Nielsen and is weighing a replacement for Chief of Staff John Kelly. Read more here.

  • Bloomberg for President?: Michael Bloomberg says he will decide by February whether he is running for president in 2020. In an interview, the former mayor pledges lifelong allegiance to the Democratic party. Bloomberg, 76, would enter the race with virtually unlimited money to spend and a record as a socially liberal, fiscally conservative businessman. Read more here.

  • Alcohol Check-Up: Doctors should screen all adults for alcohol abuse, according to new guidelines. The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommends primary care physicians offer brief counseling sessions for patients who report excessive drinking. Read more here.

  • Amazon Backlash: Almost immediately after Amazon made the announcement that it would split its second headquarters between Northern Virginia and New York City, a backlash erupted in New York over the more than $1.5 billion in incentives the state is kicking in. In effect, N.Y. taxpayers are paying $48,000 per Amazon job. In Virginia, community leaders called for the process to be slowed down so residents could better understand the deal. Read more here.

  • Juul Pulls Pods: Juul, the wildly popular e-cigarette maker, is pulling its flavored vape "pods" from store shelves and going dark on social media, bowing to increasing pressure from regulators trying to control an epidemic of teen vaping. Adult Juul users will still be able to buy the flavored pods online. Read more here.

  • First Daughter Love: Michelle Obama says she’ll forever love Jenna Bush, Barbara Bush, and Chelsea Clinton for “the kind of support they provided to my daughters ...They always had their backs.” The former first lady made the comments on GMA, as she makes the rounds amid the release of her book, "Becoming." Read more here.

  • Spotted...: Members of Britain’s royal family in newly released family photos. They were taken in honor of Prince Charles’ 70th birthday. See the pictures here.

  • Pink Diamond: A pink diamond has sold for more than $50 million at auction (including fees), setting a new world record. Christie’s says the buyer of the “Pink Legacy” was Harry Winston. The rectangular-cut diamond is almost 19 carats. See it here.

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