Mrs. Dow Jones Wants to Make Finance Fun

August 16, 2018

By Max Godnick

From sports to hip hop, no industry is immune from the rise of memes ー not even finance.

Haley Sacks, also known as Mrs. Dow Jones, churns out business and finance-themed memes on social media throughout the trading day. Whether its "Series A Financing as Explained by Ariana Grande" on Instagram or a YouTube video called "WTF Is EBITDA,", Sacks has proven there's no corporate term too complicated to meme.

"I've always been obsessed with money, always been obsessed by pop culture, and now I'm a memer," Sacks said Thursday in an interview with Cheddar.

Sacks has taken an unexpected route to social-media stardom on Wall Street. She most recently worked as a producer for Above Average, Lorne Michaels' digital venture. Though she's never worked for a bank, she grew up surrounded by New York's hyper-capitalist culture. Sacks said she was inspired to turn her comedic attention to finance.

"We're all just trying to live our best lives and be lavish AF," she said. "In order to do so, you need to have multiple revenue streams and the easiest way to have multiple revenue streams is to invest. Let's make that fun."

Sacks also has her own line of merchandise, which includes hats and t-shirts embroidered with phrases like "Bullish/Bearish" and "You Can't Trade With Us." To become the "Suze Orman for the digital age," she said she spends days scouring business news and texting friends on Wall Street to get ideas about what to post.

"I try and combine as many trends as I can and out pops a meme."

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Haley Sacks: You know, I think that it is so interesting like,

Haley Sacks: right, we're all obsessed with money.

Haley Sacks: We live in a capitalist environment, and like,

Haley Sacks: we're all just trying to live our best lives,

Haley Sacks: and like be lavish af and in order

Haley Sacks: to do [LAUGHTER] that you have to have

Haley Sacks: multiple revenue streams-.

Baker Machado: I agree.

Haley Sacks: And the easiest way to multiple revenues is to invest.

Baker Machado: Right.

Haley Sacks: And so, let's make that fun, you know.

Haley Sacks: Like there needs to be a Suze Orman for the digital age.

Baker Machado: Oh, that's you, oney.

Haley Sacks: That's me, honey.

Kristen Scholer: It is you. And I feel like there

Kristen Scholer: is so much good fodder in finance.

Kristen Scholer: It's just that one thing is so secretive all the time

Kristen Scholer: [OVERLAPPING] that the average person

Kristen Scholer: can't really understand.

Haley Sacks: It's like Russian.

Kristen Scholer: But your Instagram account helps with this.

Haley Sacks: Oh my god, I love that you like it.

Kristen Scholer: What's the most popular

Kristen Scholer: meme of all time that you've done?

Haley Sacks: Oh my god, Kylie.

Haley Sacks: Kylie is like my [OVERLAPPING] love you Kylie Jenner,

Haley Sacks: like keep posting pictures with,

Haley Sacks: like funny expressions that I can put on

Haley Sacks: my Insta because you perform so well for me.

Baker Machado: Okay, so take us through

Baker Machado: the creative Bracciano see Kylie great.

Baker Machado: We saw a couple of your Kanye as well.

Baker Machado: What's the creative process?

Baker Machado: You told us to talk to your friends,

Baker Machado: you see what's in the news.

Baker Machado: Where do you kinda get the inspiration then for the joke?

Haley Sacks: Honestly, like, I think,

Haley Sacks: this is my superpower.

Haley Sacks: Like, it's like have a blackout,

Haley Sacks: and I just I'm like, I like go in

Haley Sacks: my computer and like, I just like create.

Haley Sacks: Like it's literally, you know, like,

Haley Sacks: I just- I try and combine as many trends

Haley Sacks: as I can and out pops a meme.

Haley Sacks: You know, it's really, I think,

Haley Sacks: it's unique to who I am as

Haley Sacks: an artist and as an ambassador.