Kelly Rowland Uses Her Voice to Inspire 'Happy Hearts' With Honey Nut Cheerios

July 23, 2019

By Amanda Weston

Musical sensation Kelly Rowland is teaming up with Honey Nut Cheerios to encourage living a happy heart lifestyle, without making it a chore.

The Happy Hearts initiative aims to inspire people to make simple, everyday changes to be more heart happy.

"Just getting out and really being active and enjoying life," the singer, songwriter, actress, and philanthropist told Cheddar Tuesday. "You know, taking care of your heart shouldn't be a chore. It should actually be fun and it should actually inspire you to really enjoy life a little bit more."

Rowland said she was drawn to the Honey Nut Cheerios campaign because of what it encourages. Rowland lost her mother to heart disease, and now wants to use her voice to help people take care of their bodies and hearts.

Citing the fact that one in three people have high cholesterol, according to the CDC, Rowland suggested that activities like walking your dog, taking a walk with friends, and being active with proper nutrition can help people better understand their bodies.

"We get one heart," Rowland said. "We want to be able to take care of it. And I love that Cheerios is really, really encouraging people to get out and take care of themselves, take care of their heart."

In addition to promoting heart health, Rowland recently starred as a coach for "The Voice: Australia", which she says has "been so much fun."

"It's really an interesting thing because I feel like when you have artists, especially new and upcoming artists, it's exciting," Rowland said. "And you go through all these new steps with them that you went through before in your career, so it's like starting all over again."

A highlight of Rowland's career was Destiny's Child, which celebrated the 21st anniversary of its debut album earlier this year.

"The best part was traveling and seeing how the songs performed, as far as like when we performed the songs, like watching people receive them in the crowd," Rowland said. "Like watching women receive them, watching young women receive them, and watching their faces. It was just the best thing."