Cashless Amazon Go Stores to Start Accepting Cash

April 10, 2019

Amazon plans to allow cash payments at its automated Amazon Go stores as more cities and states consider banning "cashless" retail payments as discriminatory, CNBC reported Wednesday.

Philadelphia was the first city to prohibit cashless stores, and New Jersey followed by requiring retailers to accept greenbacks.

Amazon initially wanted to make its minimally staffed Go stores an app-only experience. A complex system of sensors and cameras would track when an item is taken off a shelf and automatically added to a customer's virtual cart. Customers would leave with their merchandise, which would be billed via an app tied to their credit or debit cards.

Some people said this new, app-based shopping would discriminate against the more than 6 percent of Americans who rely exclusively on cash to make everyday transactions.

In an audio recording of an Amazon executive obtained by CNBC, the executive can be heard telling employees that the company would consider "additional payment mechanisms" at the Go stores.

TechCrunch later confirmed with Amazon that it would start accepting cash at its store locations, though it's not clear when.